Food Service Warehouse

Inspired by the workplaces of industry disrupters in California and driven to provide valued employees an energizing headquarters, Food Service Warehouse began a search for a property with such potential. When the client was presented the opportunity to purchase a neglected facility in Englewood, Acquilano assisted with due diligence support and led the team from design through occupancy.

Location: Englewood, CO
Size: 46,653 SF
Contractor: i2 Construction
Professional Partners: BCER Engineering, HCL Engineering & Surveying, Elements
Photography: David Lauer

Open for Business

Organic planning with large open areas gives the office a roomy feel. Bright pops of color add cheerful interest. In addition to the display equipment, Food Service Warehouse’s café seating product lines were used to furnish the spaces.

“It was fun to have the opportunity to create the mini vignettes showcasing the various food service products.”

– Ashley Stinson, Acquilano

“The various test kitchens and bar provide tangible applications of the products to sales and customer support associates of FSW ”

–Jill Taylor, Acquilano

Office Buzz

Office space with low height workstations outfitted with vibrant colors, open ceilings, and glass office fronts produced a workplace with a lively buzz perfect for the fast-paced work of serving customers and product sales support.

Lighting Design, Part Art and Science

Lighting design by Acquilano specified Skydome round white LED fixtures by Focal Point as abstracted dining plates. In the bistros, accents of copper and form-factors found in the historic Big Easy toned down the edgy workplace to help distinguish the social, food-centric spaces. Supplemental adjustable lighting in the Show Kitchen facilitates the ability to film demonstrations.

“The various test kitchens and bar provide tangible applications of FSW’s products to sales and customer support associates. ”

– Jill Taylor, Acquilano

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