When our lease came up for renewal, we were faced with the same decision many of our clients must make. We weighed our options and concluded to renew and transform the dated space. The result is a workplace that exemplifies Acquilano Leslie’s revamped image and vision for the future. The studio’s design embraces the trends we preach including an influx of group space and leveraging furniture solutions to foster communication. This creative workplace is the direct result of a talented studio working in unison.

Location: Denver, CO
Size: 5,000 SF
Contractor: MAX Construction
Professional Partners: Corey Electrical Engineering, 3Didentity
Photography: David Lauer

Sitting Together

By reconfiguring the systems furniture, we were able reorient studio members to face one another. We also abandoned the private office, repurposing the only room with a closed door for digital conferencing. Having everyone together facilitates for impromptu collaboration and an improved level of project communication.

“We’re constantly evolving to test new concepts. There’s no better place to evaluate new products and methods than here in the studio – our findings are valuable to both our clients and the studio.”

– Jill Taylor, Acquilano

Resource Library

Having all the latest products at your fingertips is critical for us to stay on the forefront of design. Workplace trends and corresponding products are constantly evolving. The ability to touch and feel the new materials still can’t be matched with on the internet. By evaluating our needs, we were able to reorganize the library for quick and easy reference and expand our catalogue of options.

Firm Identity

To maximize functional space, no formal reception was provided. Clients and industry partners are personally greeted and welcomed to wait in the small seating area up front. There, they’ll encounter the project gallery array and a branded screen wall. This dividing wall not only reinforces the brand but also serves as a buffer between the seating area and collaboration zone beyond. Overhead, a dropped wood slat ceiling reduces the volume to a more personal scale.

We Love Meeting New People

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