Ballard Spahr

Looking to update and refresh, Acquilano Leslie focused primarily on the public spaces to help create an impactful first impression that represents the current image of the established law firm, Ballard Spahr. The team made architectural modifications to create a conferencing center connecting the public spaces to the fantastic westward views. To help brighten and lighten the space, new finishes and lighting were installed. The three-phase renovation minimized disruption and allowed the firm to occupy during construction.

Location: Denver, CO
Size: 27,735 SF
Contractor: IAI Construction
Professional Partners: C3S Incorporated, VH Engineers
Photography: Frank Ooms

Rethink, Reshape, Refresh

Simple architectural changes to the reception area opened the area to both westward views and improved the first impression. Glass replaced the board room walls and a simple soffit was added to help define the rebuilt reception desk. Minor layout changes and a finish refresh made an big impact on a moderate budget.

“Daylight now fills the reception, and that makes a huge difference.”

– Marcus Appleby, Acquilano

Booth or Table?

Providing various seating types gives the law users choice in the breakroom – a space that gets used for lunch but also hosts quiet sessions and small group meetings over coffee. Having the perfect spot to conduct such activities is easily accommodated by providing millwork banquettes and furniture solutions with diverse postures.

Unifying Floors

The communicating stair helps to link those on the upper floor. The design includes an oversized landing with soft seating that can double as a secondary reception or sitting area. Fine art and an oxidized metal wall tile offer interest for those pausing to chat.

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