CH2M, now Jacobs, adopted a more causal logo and robust branding guidelines as part of a re-positioning effort which emphasized their focus on people, fun, safety, sustainability, and the significance of their work in an appealing graphic format. The architectural design team adopted this 2D re-brand to direct design decisions for a remodel of the public entry and adjoining corporate cafe.

Location: Denver, CO
Size: 17,500 SF
Contractor: Ponderosa
Professional Partners: BCER Engineering, Ricca Design Studios, Workplace Resources, ArtPro
Photography: Cooperthwaite Productions

Brand Voice

Featured design elements in each of the areas provide visual hierarchy and presented our team with technical challenges along the way. Upon entry, occupants experience a tiled HD video display, complete with audio. As they descend the grand stair they contact a green-wall representing their commitment to sustainability. Lastly, passing by a 12’ fish tank. All elements were selected by company-wide vote.

“The reactions to the project, with its signature spaces, has become the prototype for other improvements at the campus.”

-Rick Alexander, Acquilano, Inc.

Eatery Enclaves

The commercial servery was fully remodeled to improve flow. Clean finishes and improved lighting display meal offerings in a more appetizing venue. The balance of the square footage is reserved for eatery seating; broken into two parts. One half was lounge-like where engineers could host working sessions, the other was outfitted with billiard games and higher ceilings for a livelier atmosphere. Both serve as café dining space during peak hours and display branding elements throughout.

Structural Design

Planning and form generation reflect a ‘structured’ feel. Strong massing gestures were finished with natural engineering and construction materials while the branding colors were utilized to finish the design.

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