CiviCO’s leadership club is a living and working environment designed to inspire and connect Colorado’s elite individuals, allow collaboration on new opportunities, and educate the next generation of community leaders. With a focus to serve Colorado’s public, private, and social sectors, Club CiviCO’s mission is to create a hub for the best and brightest among all sectors in an atmosphere free of politics and full of empowerment.

Location: Denver, CO
Size: 10,000 SF
Contractor: i2 Construction
Professional Partners: ME Engineers, Jirsa Hedrick Structural Engineers
Photography: Cooperthwaite Productions

Welcome to the Club

Visitors are welcomed into Club CiviCO with a custom refreshment bar and work lounge that are strategically positioned to immediately encourage conversation and connection. A portal frames the conferencing and education center that can accommodate multiple functions throughout the day. To express Colorado’s culture, the space is rich in custom artwork from the local community and displays historical archives in partnership with the History of Colorado Museum.

“CiviCO’s passion for connectivity to Colorado really inspired us from the beginning. We wanted to help develop a simple, yet powerful space that could support and bring to light the success of Colorado, that lives within its people.”

– Sydney Madison, Acquilano

Working with Acquilano was more than designing just a physical environment. They understood our vision and presented an innovative design that embodied our culture at CiviCO. Our entire project was handled in a first-class manner. I am delighted with the one-of-a-kind space that Acquilano created for CiviCO and for our community.

–Ryan Heckman, Co-Chairman, CiviCO

Members in Residence

Executive co-working offices surround the centralized community hub space. The select members who office here have the unique ability to grow their individual organizations while building valuable relationships with like-minded individuals. The office front graphic design is an abstraction of Colorado’s city skylines, mountain horizons, and plains – aligning with the population CiviCO serves. Personally-selected inspirational quotes were integrated to showcase personalities and provide ownership of dedicated space.

Space for Every Occasion

The community space is designed to serve multiple functions throughout the day and into the night. Through the use of movable architectural walls, the individual rooms can be physically divided or fully open into one large event space. The executive style training tables and chairs allow the furniture configurations to fluctuate as needed to accommodate meetings or be completely removed for large gatherings. Casual seating along the glass supports additional needs to the conference center as well as adjacency to the bar to serve social overflow.

“We integrated a comprehensive lighting control system into the space to further define spatial functions beyond just the physical division. Not only is this entire space used as an office but it’s also an event space. Lighting evokes emotion and sets a mood to support the atmosphere of these changing functions. This allows the space to transform from work to play through the effect of lighting”

– Marcus Appleby, Acquilano

We Love Meeting New People

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