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As producers of technology that enabled a world-wide shift to remote and cloud-based business practices, it may be a surprise that [tech giant] remains committed to providing highly optimized office space for its teams.  The multi-national organization has evaluated workplaces from across the globe to define one of the most robust design guidelines we’ve seen in our many years of practice.  Project priorities included sustainability, comfort/control, accessibility, inclusivity, technology, mobility, flexibility, and culture.

Location: Boulder, CO
Size: 17,890 SF
Contractor: Rand* Construction
Professional Partners: JLL Project Management, CBRE Owners Representation, 2020 & AE Engineers, 3Didentity
Photography: Jess Blackwell

Programming for Developers

Our team planned two floors of first-generation space to include six engineering neighborhoods, each with reconfigurable work-points and dedicated ‘zone’ and ‘focus’ rooms.

Also provided are a variety of shared spaces including traditional conferencing, a ‘hub’ lounge/breakroom, mother’s room, an X-Box recreation space, and two outdoor patios.

“At the six user-group neighborhood entry portals, we worked with a digital illustrator to co-develop murals titled The Daydreamer, Explorer, Builder, Musician, Collector, and The Teammate.” – Drew Marlow, Acquilano

“This project is a perfect example of how curated spaces can draw team members together through thoughtful design that puts people’s needs first. ”

Inclusivity & Accessibility

Inclusive design is about putting people first.  It’s about designing for the needs of individuals which may be permanent, temporary, situational, or changing.  With that in mind, we dismissed standard convention by proposing gender-neutral restrooms with private commodes and shared sinks.  At the core-restrooms, we retrofitted the doors with wave-activated hardware providing users a touchless open/close/lock/unlock experience.  With the help of a translator, braille too was provided throughout!

“Motifs inspired by National Park patches are another subtle nod to the group’s interests and the Boulder community connection. Plant-scaping, Accessories, and Furniture services too were all directed by the Acquilano design team. ” – Rick Alexander, Acquilano

Fresh Air

Colorado’s aired climate offers bluebird ski days and sun-drenched patios, a summer favorite!  Harsh at times, some shelter is required.  Local awareness prompted the Acquilano design team to devise a shade structure comprised of custom-perforated metal and equipped it with heaters and nearby firepits, extending the seasonal use of the outdoor space.

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