Fairfield & Woods

Located at 1801 California Street, the Fairfield & Woods law office features contemporary finishes complemented by natural textures. Creative space planning offers the firm a flexible conference center capable of accommodating both large and small meeting groups.

Location: Denver, CO
Size: 26,769 SF
Contractor: Provident Construction Company
Professional Partners: RJM Construction, BCER, Martin/Martin
Photography: David Lauer

Natural Textures

White backdrops accent natural wood and stone textures throughout. In the reception, a beautiful live-edge slab hosts the company’s logo, finished in a polished steel frame.

“The live-edge slab steals the show. The reception desk design is often overlooked due to its simplicity. The dark and light mass intersections made for a beautifully detailed piece.”

– Melissa Marlow, Acquilano

“We exceeded law-specific planning metrics to achieve maximum efficiency.”

– Melissa Marlow, Acquilano

Room with a View

Locating the breakroom on the glass made this room a popular spot from sun rise to sun set. Outfit with connectivity and wet services the room is frequently alive with loungers and workers alike.

Design Insights

The asymmetrical design relies on repetitious details to maintain a degree of formality. The classic look also utilizes architectural lighting to enhance the tactile surface treatments and the fine art collection.

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