Rallyday Partners

Established by Founders, for Founders, Rallyday Partners is an organization that empowers entrepreneurs to scale their business through the infusion of capital and personal coaching. People-first partnerships provide companies the resources to “make it a Rallyday.”

Aligned with CiviCO, a leadership club for community leaders, also designed by Acquilano, the Rallyday Partners’ suite in Cherry Creek is constructed as a distinct extension with free passage to capitalize on the shared synergy between the organizations.

Location: Denver, CO
Size: 3,000 SF
i2 Construction
Professional Partners:
ME Engineers, Pear Workplace Solutions
Jess Blackwell Photography

Room for Relationships

The Leadership Library is where foundational relationships are established. An intimate space designed for technology-free communications, the lounge utilizes soft lighting, craftsman-built millwork, fine furnishings, and a coffered ceiling to provide a relaxed space where Rallyday Partners can comfortably discuss challenges and aspirations with prospective clients.

“The design team, contractor, and sub-trades had to execute all aspects of this room with the utmost attention to detail and precision to create this distinctive wow-moment.”

– Marcus Appleby, Acquilano

We envisioned a space that would elevate our organization – establishing ourselves as uniquely distinctive – while also elevating our team and guests that would come through our doors. We wanted to create an environment that would give the gift of possibility absent the formality of a traditional financial services organization. To somehow be playful and elite at the same time. Acquilano grabbed our vision and ran far past our expectations, stayed within our budget and led construction standards through completion of the project. We are very grateful and proud of the work we did together.

–Ryan Heckman, Managing Partner, Rallyday Partners


White oak slats give vertical structure to the Leadership Library’s screened enclosure. The solid wood members double as shelving supports as recurrent profile extensions provide support for horizontal powder-coated metal shelving. Along the elevation shared with the conference room, a glass partition is added for acoustic separation. Detailed with thoughtful joinery, these components are arranged simplistically for a beautiful composition.

Convene Comfortably

Partners can get down to business in this conference room outfitted to accommodate lengthy strategy sessions. Stylex chairs, a craftsman-built conference table, a smoked glass surround, and textural carpet by Shaw make for a comfortable stay. Back-painted glass whiteboards and robust audio-visual provide the necessary tools to “make it a Rallyday”.

“Designing the Leadership Library to visually and physically intersect with this traditional conference room set up was an important planning concept that supports the sequence of building a business relationship.”

– Sydney Madison, Acquilano

We Love Meeting New People

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