Rogue Wave

Taking a portion of a flex-industrial building, Rogue Wave sub-leased a space that offered great views of Louisville. Working on a modest budget, the design team took advantage of the inherent advantages of the high ceilings and easy access to the outdoors. Acquilano continues to work with Rogue Wave to accommodate the company’s growth.

Location: Louisville, CO
Size: 20,000 SF
Contractor: Aberdeen Construction Inc.
Professional Partners: MEP Engineering, Martin/Martin Inc.
Photography: David Hearts

Open Spaces

The existing loading dock offered an opportunity for a communal space with access to the outdoors and views of Louisville. Repurposed as a breakroom, daylight is welcomed by installing glass overhead doors and wood pallets provided visual interest – a thrifty design solution representing the space’s original purpose.

“The pallet crates were found on-site and were the perfect low-cost solution to add texture, warmth and interest. The high volume of that room and it’s outdoor views make this space one of my favorite breakrooms. Our mild weather in CO makes this space so versatile.”

– Jill Taylor, Acquilano

“The creative responses from the design team supported my objectives. At the end of the day we occupied a space that my team is extremely proud of and it didn’t break the bank.”

-Rogue Wave, CEO


Distinct separation between ‘front’ and ‘back of house’ functions are delineated architecturally. The laid-up wood plank portal designates the transition as occupants move from the immersive public facing spaces to the work environments beyond.

Meeting Needs

Multiple meeting spaces respond to requests for additional gathering spaces of various sizes and types.  Traditional conferencing rooms, huddle rooms for 2-4, and the converted loading dock break-room (capable of large assemblies) gave Rogue Wave a spectrum of spaces to conduct their business together.

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